RIDGE+ All-weather high-contrast color changing film

Photochromic + High contrast + REVO


All-weather high-contrast color changing film

Smart dimming

Exclusive high contrast + color changing system

Seeing is what you see

Change the lens perspective rate according to the weather conditions. High contrast and multi-layer coating lens technology make the terrain undulations and visual differences more obvious. Real-time terrain judgment makes sliding more stable and safe.定、安全。

Feel the precision, glide freely


High contrast color film experience

The platinum blue Defender lens allows me to use the lens all day without changing the lens. The high-contrast lens has good visual clarity even in the afternoon. The key point is that the platinum blue lens is also very good when taking pictures.很好看。


The RIDGE color changing film gives me a sense of vision that surpasses other brands on the market. I can do my actions with peace of mind and precision and enjoy every moment of sliding.每個時刻。


All-weather high-contrast lenses