Exclusive single layer anti-fog

Laminated Anti-fog lens

Single layer anti-fog technology

Clearer and broader.

Nano single-layer long-lasting anti-fog lens has been laboratory tested,The anti-fog effect is 3 times higher than that of the market,It can delay fogging and improve the clarity of the lens while blocking the invasion of ultraviolet rays to improve the safety of the taxi安全性。

Double layer vs single layer

Single layer anti-fog, 15% more field of view

The traditional double-layer film is the outer lens and the inner layer of the anti-fog film. The three structures constitute the rubber strip, which will reduce the visual range of the lens. The vacuum layer will also have the mutual reflection of the inner and outer lenses, which will affect the clarity of vision晰度有所影響。
The new single-layer lens is fitted through the anti-fog film process to fit the front lens. The field of view without the rubber strip can be increased. 15 single-layer lenses provide a clearer view. The weight is lighter and the wearer is lighter.更加輕盈。

New visual experience

Laminated Anti-fog lens


This lens can ensure that it provides you with a clear view in various conditions such as racing skiing, Back Country mountaineering and skiing, and can clearly identify the complex terrain of the snow even in a changing climate.地複雜的地形。


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