VIGHT innovation

unique single layer anti-fog

Single layer anti-fog lens

Clearer, wider

Laminated anti-fog lens is 3 times better than other existing brands under laboratory durability test. It can block UV light then provide improved ride experiences with better vision.

Dual vs single

15% Larger

VIGHT single layer anti-fog innovation is different from traditional goggle lens (dual-layers structure: outer lens and inner anti-fog lens are laminated by rubber strap). The lamination and internal light will cause reflection then narrow the vision somehow. VIGHT innovates single layer anti-fog lens, not only provider lighter and thinner eye gear but also ease the issue with light reflection and create wider view for all riders.



This lens make sure I can see in speed ski and backcountry. It gives very clear vision to see the different terrains, even under varied weather conditions.

Myoko, Japan

I am a ski and snowboard instructor who has been teaching and skiing in different countries, from New Zealand, Australia, Japan, and China. Over the years, I have tested many different goggles.

I have to say that I was stunned by the performance of VIGHT goggles. Super duper fit for asians! There was no gaps in between my face and the frames at all. I had been wearing if for over 7 hours per day, and it was very comfortable.

Really happy with the field of vision offered by the very large lens. And the details offered by their high contrast technology. On my busy days I need to teach during evening too, and I am very happy with the details I can see. Very clear vision, even on those days with tough conditions.

The one I had was with photochromic, it did a pretty good job at catching up the changing environment and lights. I was wearing it riding into a tunnel and the adjustment was very responsive.

Considering all the features it offer at this very affordable price point, I highly recommend Vight defender goggles for all riders, especially asians. Some of my friends have swapped to vight after trying on my goggles too! Good job vight! Keep it on!

New Zealand, Japan, and China

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Single layer laminated Anti-fog lens