unique single layer anti-fog

Vight innovation

Single layer anti-fog lens

Clearer, wider

Laminated anti-fog lens is 3 times better than other existing brands under laboratory durability test. It could block UV light then provide improved ride experiences with better vision.

Dual vs single

15% Larger

VIGHT single layer anti-fog innovation is different from traditional goggle lens (dual-layers structure: outer lens and inner anti-fog lens are laminated by rubber strap). The lamination and internal light will cause relefection then narrow the vision somehow. Vight innovates single layer anti-fog lens, not only provider lighter and thinner eye gear but also ease the issue with light reflection and create wider view for all riders.

New experiences

Single layer laminated Anti-fog lens



This lens make sure I can see in speed ski and backcountry. It goves very clear vision to see the different terrains, even under varied weather conditions。


Jason Lai