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vight vision

VIGHT takes Taiwan as its design and production center,And VIGHT has been dedicated to lens technology and protecction products for long time in order to solve the visual issues in particular sports, therefore outdoor activity and X game lovers could use VIGHT with better vision, experiences and protection.

Born for sports

VIGHT is determined to be the leader of ourdoor sports brand. With professional R&D team, Vight innovates new technology with no limitation and solves varied issues by revolutionary design, furthermore users can focus on sports itself when they wore Vight.

Explore more

VIGHT explores different levels and types of extreme sports, these varied sports will inspire more ideas on product design and develop customized prodcuts for different sports. It is core value of Vight.

Revolutionary Technology

Keep improving

/ RIDGE + /
Photochromic with high contrast lens, it made for all weathers and varied lights from indoor to outdoor; from cloudy day to sunlight. RIDGE+ lens will adapt and 

/ Single layer anti-fog lens /
Nano lamination gives rider better, wider and lighter vision.

RIDGE provides true high contrast lens, Vight's revolutionary technology can filter over-exposed and influential light under varied light sources. Because of this innovation, RIDGE lens makes rider see the different terrains much clear and wider.。

/ Japan long lasting ant-fog lens /
Janan lens gives better anit-fog efficacy, three times better than reglur lens.

/ Facial and eye ball studies/
Foucs on comfort and fitness , Vight design all products according to numbers of studies on face shapes and different eye colors to meet the better setting of each prodcuts.