-NO. C14057022-
Price : $ 100 USD
  • Frame Color : Matt Purple
  • Lens Tint : Royal Purple( RIDGE )
  • Lens Cat : CAT.2
  • Part No : C140570022
  • Items Included with Purchase :
    Protective Goggle Bag 

CROXX for the classic models into the modern elements of snow, smooth lines frame and frame wind tunnel ventilation design, 
shape and function of both, a strong sense of design of the nose frame design, so simple appearance to increase the personality 
element. With the new polar camouflage, instantly attract every-one stunning eyes. Advanced anti-fog system to increase the 
safety of taxiing, Maxover OTG frame design, glasses provide glasses to wear comfortable sports experience.



Life- long ANTI- FOG.

Perfect sculpted fit.

X3 face foam and multi-color fit your own style.

Built from Basf flexible polyurethane.

5.5-base spherical dual-lens with anti-scratch protection.

Silicone-ribbed strap.

OTG Fitness.

Helmet compatible .